What is a Car-O-Liner Frame Machine?

25 Feb


For decades, auto body shops have relied on Car-O-Liner collision-repair equipment to get vehicles back into shape and on the road. Because a high percentage of vehicle collisions result in damage to car bodies, a frame machine is a standard piece of equipment at collision centers.

Also known as alignment benches, frame machines create the brute strength needed to straighten bent vehicle frames using hydraulics, torque and time. Parts of the machine either push or pull the frame incrementally back into the position dictated generally by complementary computer software.

Step One:

A vehicle is driven up a ramp to rest on top of the frame machine, and chains are attached to the frame in preparation for the adjustment.

Step Two:

The factory measurements will be compared to the post-collision measurements, and the shop will determine whether the frame can even be salvaged. If the insurance company decides it will be too costly, the frame machine might not even get a chance to be do its magic.

Step Three:

If the alignment bench can make the needed correction to the vehicle’s frame, the hydraulics will be activated and the machine will use leverage and torque to make the adjustment. It may take many hours to achieve the factory measurements, and at that point the computer will stop the machine.

A vital part of any collision-repair shop, a Car-O-Liner frame machine will show its worth with quick diagnostics and repairs that get happy customers back behind the wheel.

To find out more about frame straightening in Raleigh, please visit this website.

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