What’s A Truck Topper?

29 Apr

For the outdoorsy person, a truck topper can be a valuable addition that will make road trips and camping trips more relaxing and secure.

A truck topper is an accessory designed for pick-ups that fits snugly over the bed of the truck. When it was first invented, it was more commonly referred to as a camper shell, because of its practical use for shelter when camping. Nowadays, the camper shell’s use has expanded to safely store tools and other supplies. Its insulated design ensures that valuable cargo is protected from bad weather or even theft. This shift in practicality earned it its new name as the truck topper. However, you still hear the terms used interchangeably depending on who you speak to, so it’s handy to be aware of both.

When it comes to buying your truck topper, you should take into consideration what you plan to primarily use it for. If you’re mostly intending to use it for storage, you can get one that’s made of a lighter weight material that may be less expensive. This type of topper doesn’t have the best insulation, so it may not keep cold temperatures or noise out very well, but if you’re not planning on spending time inside of it, then is should still suit your purposes quite well.

More expensive toppers will provide this type of insulation, to keep the space warm and quiet for a more comfortable atmosphere. These toppers also tend to fit over the cab of the truck as well. Because of their higher price and increased headroom, this type of topper should only be used if you’re intending to sleep or take shelter inside on a regular basis. Crosswinds can be a problem since they’re so top heavy, and you may even have head clearance issues depending on how tall it is.

Regardless of which type you choose, be aware that toppers need to be secured tightly, and attaching and removing them requires a minimum of two people to lift it safely. Truck toppers are useful for long trips, camping, hunting, fishing or any other activity that puts you out in the wilderness with little to no shelter. Even if it’s properly insulated, the smell of food can still lure animals so be sure not to leave anything open that may attract hungry wildlife.

If you spend a lot of time on the road or find yourself storing and transporting a lot of equipment, consider buying a topper to keep secured on your truck or even as an additional accessory in your shed that you can pull out as you need it. With many designs and options, you can easily find one that will work best for you.

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