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Reasons to Paint Your Old Car Before Selling

Unlike other repairs, which are usually covered by your car’s insurance policy, a new coat of paint is typically paid for out of your own pocket. Because of this, most people never consider upgrading their vehicle’s exterior. However, there are good reasons to spring for a new paint job for your car, especially if you’re looking to sell it:

  • Your car is an unpopular or unusual color: This can reduce your chances of selling or lower the amount people are willing to pay. When you bought your car you thought that brilliant neon purple hue would set you apart from the crowd, and it did – now no one else wants it.
  • Your exterior is significantly faded or scratched: There are lots of other used cars out there that have been meticulously cared for. If yours isn’t among them, consider bumping up its resale value with a new coat of paint.
  • Your car is a classic or custom vehicle: If you own a car that could actually gain value as it ages, investing in paint is a no-brainer. Consider the market for your particular model and choose paint work that will add to its appeal. For a classic, you’ll want to restore its original appearance as much as possible. For a custom automobile, you may want to add graphics or use multiple colors.
  • Your vehicle’s body has exposed metal: Paint is absolutely necessary in this case to prevent rust damage. You could do a patch job, but it might not match seamlessly with the rest of the vehicle’s exterior if bare spots are prominent or large. You’re likely to be better off replacing the entire coat of paint.

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Four Things to Look for in an Auto Scratch Repair Shop

Scratches are a part of life for car owners, and sometimes repairs are best left to the pros. Make sure you’re choosing the best scratch repair shop in your area.

It’s inevitable: if you park your car in public places, sooner or later, it is likely to suffer some sort of cosmetic damage. The world is full of potential hazards, from keys, to shopping carts, to the errant doors of other cars. Often, it is best to leave repairs to the professionals—but how can you be sure that you’re spending your money wisely? Consult this list to feel confident when you need to bring your car in for scratch repair.

Reasonable Prices

No one wants to get ripped off on auto repairs. However, it’s important to find a balance between price and service. A good auto body repair shop is, as a rule, usually not one that will consistently offer the lowest price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. A reliable shop will be one that is ready and willing to compare their rates with other quotes (which you should always pursue), in order to make sure you’re getting a fair price on their services.

Business Reputation

The Internet has transformed business reviews, empowering consumers with more information than ever before. However, sometimes there is just no replacement for traditional word-of-mouth wisdom. Automotive services are the type that vary widely by region, and often the most reliable information will come from people you know who have lived in the area and had their cars serviced nearby on multiple occasions.

Overhead Expenses

Different types of people prefer to patronize different types of businesses. Some scratch repair shops offer more in the way of accommodations, such as reception workers and other employees. Keep in mind that these are all sources of additional overhead for the company, and as such, that cost will likely be evident via higher prices when compared with a more no-frills operation.

Gut Feeling

Whether or not you’re knowledgeable in the world of automotive repairs, it’s always important to trust your best judgment. If your intuition gives you pause about doing business with a particular shop, it’s better to continue shopping before making a commitment. Just as you might hesitate to patronize a messy store or restaurant, poor garage conditions can be a sign that the business is not detail-oriented. Trust your gut and don’t regret a hasty decision.

Scratches are an unfortunate fact of life, but you don’t need to live with imperfections on an otherwise flawless automobile. Do your research, shop around, study a shop before you bring them your business, and you’ll be much more likely to feel happy with the end results. Visit this website for more details regarding car scratch repairs in Raleigh.

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